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Sept. 3, Home Fury vs Atoms

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Newsletter Note:   Fury Home Victory over the Atoms Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 18:03

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In what would be the second game in the Home and Away series of the local derby game between the Fury and the Atoms, the second game of the weekend for both teams would be as exciting as the first. This time the Fury would open up on the scoring front with the first goal coming in the first 3 minutes of the game when it was to be Myles Englis to open up the scoring. The second goal was to come off great build up through the middle of the field and capped off by Ryan Butler, for his second goal of the weekend. The third goal came on a great counter attack after an Atoms attack was stifled by the Fury defense. Lamar Larmond picked up the ball 30 yards inside his own half and went on a blistering run, beating several players prior to getting into the Atoms 18 yard box, before laying off a simple pass for Travis Blair to add to his tally for the second time in the weekend by rounding the keeper and slipping it into the goal. The final goal was to be scored off a cross from Travis Blair after going shoulder to shoulder with an Atoms player, leaving him crumpled on the floor while Blair found Myles Englis again to keep up his amazing run of 13 goals in 12 games and 3 for the weekend. This took the Fury to an overall victory of the series and 2-0 on the weekend. They got on to winning ways in front of a very impressive and energetic home crowd of around 1200 fans.



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